It.s tough being immortal when you are born suicidal..Such is the plight of the long-suffering Lempire. Part Lemming part Vampire, this rare and exotic creature is consigned to a fate worse than death-

Failure! And he’s right cheesed off about it…

As everyone knows, the Lemming has a profound personality disorder; from the

moment he‘s born, he’s hell bent on oblivion. In contrast, our good friend the Vampire

has… let us say… time on his hands! One is on a crash course with destiny…

and the bottom of a steep cliff. The other’s got a lunch date with eternity.

Follow the death-struck lempire on his never-ending quest for the great

Hereafter in his hilarious, gloriously illustrated and suitably surreal

Comic-horror adventure!

Available now…’The Lempires lament’

Coming soon on ebook ‘Lempire…the beginning’.cropped-img_0312.jpg